Connecting students across the globe.

One to One.

That's what we do.

Global One to One strives to prepare our youth to be successful in the global marketplace.  Our mission is to strengthen global connections through one to one communication.  We achieve this by connecting youth with their peers in countries across the world as they build relationships over the course of an academic year through class-room-based communication, intercultural exchange, and collaborative projects. By connecting our students around the globe, we are providing the opportunity for a more unified world.

Who We Serve


Our Approach

In the diverse world we live in, global communication is a necessity. Training our children how to communicate globally is essential for the global marketplace. Unfortunately, our youth throughout the world lack direct and experience-based knowledge of other cultures and daily life conditions for their peers globally. This limited understanding affects the way they perceive members of other countries. Since our children are our future leaders it is important that we teach them about other cultures and practices to better understand their peers from around the globe. Here at Global One-to-One we utilize letter writing as our way of reaching out to our peers across the globe. By connecting our students around the globe, we are providing for a more unified world. 

We connect students across the world through hand written letters and video greetings. Students begin to build relationships, expanding their knowledge and understanding of each other's world, beginning the process of seeing the the similarities we share are far greater than our differences. Developing intercultural communication skills such as these is an essential tool in today's world.