One-to-one connections with peers across the globe reveal that in addition to our cultural differences, the commonalities we share are far greater. Handwritten pen pal letters, video greetings, and Skype calls make these commonalities a reality for students as they participate in our programs over the course of an academic year in classrooms and student groups.

Global One to One is an educational non-profit dedicated to cultivating intercultural understanding and communication among students and young leaders across the globe. Through our unique one-to-one format global connections, cross-cultural respect, empathy, and communication are strengthened, creating a network of people able to resolve pressing global issues together.



In the culturally diverse world we live in, the ability to communicate effectively with those from other cultures is an essential skill. Lack of direct experience and interaction with other cultures limits our understanding and perceptions. Decisions made based on stereotypes and ineffective communication often lead to unnecessary divisions and conflict.

Our children are the future leaders of our communities, both local and global. Learning about other cultures and practices better prepares them to understand their peers and issues of the day. No one group of people or nation can effectively address issues that affect us all. Only through collaboration can we resolve challenges and conflict, and these collaborations require respectful and insightful communication if they are to be effective and sustainable. 

Our programs provide students with direct experience-based knowledge of other cultures through our unique one-to-one peer connections, opening the doors to intercultural communication and understanding.