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Past Exchanges

Community leaders in education reforms, policy and legislation from Ukraine | Open World FHI 360

Albuquerque, New Mexico U.S., and Ukraine

February 22nd - March 2nd, 2019

During this visit to the U.S., a group of 6 Ukrainian delegates and their interpreter will meet to learn about best practices for implementing reforms which allow for individualism, home schooling, charter and vocational schools, independent learning, and other forms of education that were, until very recently, considered to be"nontraditional". 

English Access Serbia | Open World FHI 360

Albuquerque, New Mexico U.S., and Serbia

October 12th - October 20th, 2018

In this exchange, English Access educators from Serbia collaborated with U.S. colleagues on best practices for English as a Foreign Language Instruction. Their professional itinerary consisted of meeting with senatorial staff and local youth coordinators, overseeing after school language programs offered to newcomer youth, and learning about cultural enhancement and inclusion programs offered through the University of New Mexico.

IYLEP | World Learning

Albuquerque, New Mexico U.S., and Iraq

July 12th - 24th, 2018

In partnership with World Learning, Global One to One was selected to administer the 2018 Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange program.  Eleven English-speaking Iraqi youth (ages 15-18) and an adult mentor visited Albuquerque July 11-25 to learn about peace-building, leadership development and creating resilient communities. The group visited the numerous inspiring local organizations to share and learn with U.S. peers.

Voices from the Margins | World Learning

Albuquerque, New Mexico U.S., and Khoj Studios in Delhi, India

January - July, 2018


Students in both international locations explored the role of cultural heritage in the development of contemporary cultural identity in communities that historically have been marginalized. Over the course of the 5 months students exchanged videos, online chats, and blog posts to share their discoveries about heritage and identity. This virtual exchange culminated in a person to person exchange during June and July, with public exhibitions including art, dialogue, and music as expressions of their cultural heritage and identity.

Youth Ambassadors 2018 | World Learning

Argentina and Chile

March 22nd - April 2nd, 2018


The Youth Ambassadors Program hosts person to person exchanges sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Global One to One was selected as a U.S. exchange organization and welcomed thirteen youth ambassadors (ages 15-18) and two adult mentors from Argentina and Chile to engage youth in civic involvement, appreciation of multi-ethnic diversity, and learning about youth leadership strategies.

Jovenes en Accion 2019 | World learning

U.S. and Mexico

July 20th-August 1st, 2019

Jóvenes en Acción (Youth in Action), is a ten-month civic education and leadership program, which begins with a four-week exchange experience in the U.S. Participants are selected as project teams of four to five students from diverse communities throughout Mexico. To see more of the Jovenes en Accion take a look at the dedicated Facebook page here.

For those who live in the Albuquerque area, be part of this amazing opportunity!


Host families provide a home-away-from-home for international guests, including a warm welcome, a bedroom, breakfasts, dinners, and meaningful time spent together on evenings and weekends. 

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