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Innovate One to One


Module Two

This is an introductory module that uses a Grove Starter Kit with an Arduino based micro-controller. This is ideal for students with little or no experience.


Module Three


Module One

This module continues on from the intermediate module, providing materials and lesson plans to build a line-following robot. This module is ideal for students with experience.

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Innovate One-to-One makes it easy for our students to learn how to work in the global market place. Each one of our kits offers detailed lesson plans with individual teacher support.

Our kits have levels to help our students understand each lesson plan. Our kits start with introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels for our students as they advance in their lesson plans. 

This module uses an Arduino based micro-controller with a breadboard and various components. Students perform over 11 different experiments. This is Ideal for students with some experience. 

STEM Learning Modules

If you are an educator or student club leader and would like to learn how you can participate in the Innovate One to One program, please contact us.

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In order to be successful in the global economy and workplace, students need to learn how to effectively communicate and collaborate with those from different cultures and countries. Innovate One to One provides students with state of the art robotics learning systems as they develop these skills while working together on Arduino-based STEM projects. Our top priority is preparing students to thrive in the 21st century. We do this by developing essential skills such as critical thinking, interpersonal, intercultural, and team based communication. Students are partnered with international peers collaborating on STEM projects.