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Our Impact

In the culturally diverse world we live in, the ability to communicate effectively with those from other cultures is an essential skill. Lack of direct experience and interaction with other cultures limits our understanding and perceptions.
Founded in 2006, the program began as Project PeacePal, an international pen-pal letter exchange, and has grown into the organization now known as Global One to One. Our intention is to provide youth across the globe with opportunities to directly communicate with each other. In 11 years we have connected over 18,000 students across the globe, cultivating intercultural understanding and empathy in a way that can only take place when we interact one to one.

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What students are saying

We first have to learn to work together as human beings, because right now everyone has this mindset where they only think about themselves and their own country instead of thinking about the good of all mankind. 

In these past letters we came to realize that although our cultures are different, we as people are very similar...the sooner the rest of the world realizes this, the sooner we can begin to work together.

I don't know how people find time for hate. Life is very short, why don't people live their life by loving others?

Without a doubt, I 100% agree that people from different parts of the world can come together to solve these problems just as you and I have bonded over this activity.

What teachers are saying

What you do really adds to these students' experience at school, so thankful for Global One to One. You help me feel good about teaching.

Global One to One provides an opportunity for students to
discover and share their humanity.

My students read every word in a letter from their new pals. They studied every stroke of the pen, and then they shared it with their peers, pointing out the sweet spots...

Every student should have the opportunity to experience receiving a letter from across the world.

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