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We believe that in order to build a more peaceful and just future, we need strong communities.

Global One to One offers two programs to youth for direct connection and engagement: Connect One to One, letter and digital exchange and Engage One to One, in-person cultural exchange. Our unique approach applied in our programs leads students to increase empathy, develop intercultural understanding, break down stereotypes and prejudice, and open lines of opportunity for shared experience.

International cultural and educational exchanges have proven to be among the most effective avenues for diplomacy, and the use of soft power.

To read our white paper, Cultural and Educational Exchanges as Soft Power, contact us!


What happened to Project PeacePal?

In 2007 the program began as Project PeacePal, an international pen-pal letter exchange, and has grown into the multifaceted organization now known as Global One to One. Our methods are always evolving, but our vision still holds true.

Where is Global One to One located?

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Where do you find funding for the letter exchange program?

The letter writing program is funded entirely by donations and annual student participation fees.

Why do you charge a student participation fee and how much is it?

The $15 per student per year participation fees are used entirely for shipping letters.

How can I get involved in writing letters?

The program is designed to take place in classrooms with a teacher or a group leader. Contact us to get your school or group involved.

How old do I have to be to participate in writing letters?

Ages 10+ 

I am a local/international organization leader-- can we work together? 

Yes! We collaborate with organizations that share our vision. Contact us!

How do I sign up to host an international visitor? 

Visit our Host Family Application to apply.

How can I volunteer or help? 

Aid in office operations, design a fundraiser, volunteer grant writing skills or marketing expertise, serve on our board of directors, donate with Amazonsmile, follow us on social media, and spread the word!

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