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Through our Engage One to One program we have hosted Youth Ambassadors from Argentina & Chile, Young Leaders from Iraq, Communities Connecting Heritage artisans from India, teachers and community leaders in Tajikistan, Serbia, and Ukraine. These exchanges bring exciting opportunities to host visitors in your home, spending one to two weeks learning about each other's country and culture. 


Global One to One is proud to partner with organizations like World Learning and the Open World Leadership Center that share our vision: one-to-one connections facilitate our ability to experience our common humanity. These personal connections make true intercultural understanding and communication possible.

World Learning people-to-people exchanges are based on the belief that international cooperation flourishes with the help of cross-cultural exchanges that promote tolerance, empathy, and respect. Through exposure to other cultures, leaders at all levels of government and community service can build the experience and networks necessary to tackle complex problems.

The Open World Leadership Center administers the first and only international exchange agency in the U.S. Legislative Branch in the belief that widespread, direct contact between American leaders and those of other nations would greatly benefit all involved.  Open World continues to be one of the most important public diplomacy U.S. exchange programs with post-Soviet countries.

To learn about past and upcoming exchanges, please click here.


Hosts for international guests provide a welcoming home away from home, including a bedroom, breakfasts and dinners, and spending evenings and weekends learning about each other and the cultures we live in, sharing adventures, and just hanging out. Weekdays are filled with programming and appointments for international visitors. Most days begin with hosts dropping their guest at the Global One to One office by 8:30 a.m., and end with picking up at 5:00 p.m. For visitors, days are filled with learning, sharing, and discovery, and lunch is provided.


To apply to become a host, please click here to complete our online application,

Questions? Contact us at or 505.255.2042.


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