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Connect One to One

Beginning with learning about the country and culture of their pen pal, participants learn valuable global competency skills including intercultural communication, greater empathy for those living in different cultures, critical thinking, and how to communicate clearly and effectively with others. These abilities prepare them to engage and collaborate in issues of global significance.


Who can participate? Middle school, high school age and university students in classroom settings or groups anywhere in the world.

How can I participate? If you are a teacher or established group leader, contact us for details and schedules. Independent students are not currently accepted.

When can I participate? The application deadline each year is July 15, and the program year operates from August through the end of May.
What is expected of me when I participate? Participants make a commitment to maintaining contact between students and their pen pals across the globe over the course of an entire academic year.  

What will students do when they participate? Students will write three to four thoughtful hand written letters each program year. When time zone differences and classroom access to technology permits, students may also have the chance to exchange class photos, pre-recorded video greetings or Skype calls to connect on  a deeper level. 

What is the cost to participate? The annual fee of $15 per student is paid at the beginning of each program year.  

Our Program Director will be available to support teachers and established group leaders throughout the process, providing training and answering questions. For those who are interested, we also offer an Educator Handbook which provides lessons and activities that are aligned with Common Core State Standards.  

We still have openings for the 2017-2018 program year.  

Please contact us by July 15 to apply for this year.

Connect One to One is the PeacePal international student to student communication exchange using a unique one-to-one model. Based in school classrooms over the course of an academic year, students exchange hand written letters, Skype calls, and videos with a peer in a country across the globe. Students are led through a process that leads to new insights and deeper understanding that can only come through one-to-one connections.