I was born in Colombia, South America and grow up in a tropical island in the Caribbean. Later on, I moved to Pennsylvania and New Mexico. My background is very diverse: I am a scientist, a community activist,  an entrepreneur and an educator. One of my passions is to create and tell multicultural stories in English and Spanish, I believe writing open a world for connections among our children and  our communities by making  the world a better place one day at a time,  and one to one.



Nora Hans Nevera has a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois and a MA in OI&LS-Organizational Informational Learning Sciences at the University of New Mexico.  She lived in Europe for three years with her husband and has since been in Florida, the Pentagon, and now lives in Albuquerque. She is better known as the “Doer of Stuff” and the “Knower of Things.” Nora believes in strengthening global connections through one to one communication and fully supports the mutual understanding of cultures throughout the world. 

Robin brings to this team a unique perspective through his international/cross-cultural living experiences in India, Oman and USA.  He was fortunate to have spent approximately 15 years in Oman where schools & organizations consisted of only 5% of the local people & more than 100 nationalities covering the rest. Through this experience he cemented his foundation in accepting and respecting differences between and within cultures. Robin has a Masters degree in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona and currently specializes in developing & supporting startup business that function across countries and cultures.  


Evan has worked with Global One to One as a student volunteer since the ninth grade and continues to be inspired by their mission and goals. From planning student events to participating in the letter exchange program, Evan has experienced the power of Global One to One programs firsthand. Evan is committed to bettering the community around him and works as an instructor of Chamber Music at Cottonwood Classical. He believes that the enriching and empowering work Global One to One does for students, teachers, and schools is vitally important in creating leaders prepared to create change in the 21st century.